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What we do

Warm Robots is a branding and storytelling agency.

We are dedicated to supporting our partners and clients in their growth plans with strategy and content that helps them shine.

We've helped a Fortune 500 company take an influencer program from small and unknown to world-renowned through the use of live video, hashtags, and content tailored to draw in executive-level interest.

We've helped the City of London tell the story of being a progressive hub for female leaders as well as capture the interest of new and experienced entrepreneurs.

We've helped Lego improve their internal culture and community, boosting employee engagement, loyalty, and retention.

How can we help you grow?

How can we help you evolve?


Corporate Consulting and Campaigns

We help our clients grow their social media audience organically, building trust and brand loyalty across platforms. We provide new ideas that focus on engaging, relatable content and strong consistent brand messaging. 

Executive Personal Branding

Developing a personal brand is something that needs to be done with strategy, thoughtfulness, and attention to detail. At Warm Robots, we leverage years of expertise and work to provide company executives and leaders a strong personal brand that resonates, defining the message they wish to share with the world. 

Ambassador & Affiliate Programs

Loyal customers who love to promote your brand can be an incredible resource, creating a personal connection between curious consumers and your products. We help clients develop and manage brand ambassador and affiliate programs, providing an avenue to connect and offer commissions based on sales through referrals. 

Educational Keynotes or Webinars

We believe in working together with our clients, sharing our expertise in marketing and branding whenever possible. Our friendly team at Warm Robots is available to speak at seminars, online webinars, trainings, and more. Contact us today to book your event.

Who We Work With

We Are Led By

Goldie Chan, CEO

Goldie is a global speaker and strategist. She’s known as the “Oprah of LinkedIn” by Huffington Post and her video channel won LinkedIn Top Voice. Goldie has worked with a diverse set of household name clients including Fiverr, LEGO, Adobe, Gillette and more.

She writes for Forbes on “Personal Branding and Storytelling in the Digital Age” where her articles on personal branding are consistently page 1 ranked and used in educational institutions and business development.

She is a proud member of the Producer’s Guild of America, New Media Council, Stanford University graduate and has been featured as a fresh voice in CNN, Inc. Magazine, Fast Company and more.

What People Are Saying

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Goldie Chan is the ultimate connector and community builder and knows how to create authentic spaces to bring people together. I trust her advice on building and nurturing brands and have seen first hand how she is able to carry those messages effectively across platforms.
Jolie Miller
Content Strategy
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The best in the business. Definitely encourage all brands out there (B2C & B2B) to sit at the feet of these mastermind marketers and soak in their timeless wisdom. Not only is their take on influencer marketing fresh and modern, it's infused with the core attributes that make any relationship meaningful, joyful, and long lasting. Warm Robots partners with Adobe on an ongoing basis and I for one wouldn't fathom running a campaign without their involvement in some capacity. They are seriously that good at their craft and they are even better humans. All that to say that reaching out for a consult would be one of the best investments you could make in your business if you wish to finish out the year strong.
Rani Mani
Head of Social Influencer Enablement
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Warm Robots are social media experts who understand the value social media can deliver to the organization. They have worked with campuses to refine their social media strategy and calendars to drive positive impressions of the Art Institutes. They have also created compelling video content and showed the campuses how to create their own.
Brian Curtain
The Art Institutes
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I’ve seen first hand how expert Goldie Chan is building and growing brands. The first time was when we worked together at on-line video startup Wochit, where she took a flailing brand and turned it into an outwardly-facing juggernaut.
Jim Louderback
GM and SVP
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At Warm Robots, Goldie is one of the most responsive and professional social media consultants I have ever worked with. She is very detailed, yet strategic, and has a vast skill set. From day to day execution to high level education, focus groups, to working with C-Level Suite Executives, Goldie has a creative approach and always gets the job done well.
Lindsay Rapoport
Senior Director, Digital Marketing
The Corcoran Group
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Goldie and Warm Robots nailed it! We loved working with them. Their sage advice on our social strategy was spot on and we will reap the benefits for years to come.
Liz Bothwell
Head of Content & Marketing
Waste 360
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What I love about Goldie's branding advice, is that she doesn't ask me to do something I can't do, rather she helps me find my strengths and play to those. As an introvert, you always feel like you are different. Goldie is an advocate of letting "you be you". Your best you of course, but unique is okay. Her encouraging process and tips take the stress out of speaking, showing up, and networking.
Tricia Cerrone
Award-winning Author and Screenwriter
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